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January 2020

— Manjaro in general is meeeeeeeh


The reason is that C is a smaller language than C ++. that's why he recommended it to me. as for the goal, I am still a beginner, for now I just want to learn a language from which to start and then broaden my views. Having said that, do I continue with C ++ with the books they sent me? or would it be better as a first language to make another one?

— I used antergos for a hot min

— Clean arch linux + installed support for your hardware = 👌

— Antergos wouldn't even boot into the installer for me

— Czech?

— M I N I M A L

— I couldn't get gpu's in my laptop working other way than doing this

— After putting up with constant updates every day (I would literally have anxiety attacks if I didn't run pacman -Syu once an hour) I decided to switch distros

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— And it worked like first time following arch linux wiki

— Lol

— Depends on the type of language you want to build. If you're building a compiler you gotta learn some assembly. For interpreted languages you need to know how they work and would mostly likely need to learn one

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