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January 2020

— Https:// this


Stroustrup's book (if we are speaking about The C++ Programming Language) is not the best choice for complete beginner. It is great to be honest, but it is quite difficult for understanding. Take a look at this post instead

— Someone told me to downgrade to C, what about you? Should I continue with C ++ or start with "simpler" languages

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— Who said C is simpler? Haha

— C really isn't simpler and it may be more demanding to write some C++ code in C

— He/she may told you because C can be even more efficent than C++ if you know how to really do it correctly, but you have to do everything on your own, also classes ale forgotten, just structs and data-oriented programming, this is main reason why it can be faster tho

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— Guess it depends on your goal and your needs, you just can't say 'i'll do everything in C from now'

— Vim all the way

— Amen bro

— Cool kids actually use 'vi' and stick around with 'hjkl'

— Tmux+vim+gcc/gdb

— Is this what heaven looks like?