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January 2020

— Usually you would use a priority queue to improve performance, but I guess it doesn't matter in such small case

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I dont see a problem with this, especially if you get a to a point where you get x, X, y, Y and z, Z

— In while loop, why "ne" is use ???

— Ask someone who were write this code. not us

— X, y and z are ok, but not a, b or c.

— That's for iterating each node

— Doesnt matter, single letter variable name will be funny if you get to a point where you get both upper and lowercase

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— Https://

— Ok, I think I get that ugly code... you are looking for the smallest cost link to an unvisited node (that's the 2 inner loops), every time you get a link, you are basically adding one node to the solution, thus you need to repeat (n-1) times, because the initial node was already added, that's why ne goes from 1 to (n-1)

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— A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S.

Use acronyms to keep the code terse. Real men never define acronyms; they understand them genetically.

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— I had when one uses abbriviations characters all in UPPERCASE

— Like isHDR looks terrific, or HTTPRequest