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January 2020

— In ligne 39 print well the "ID_CONSUMIDOR"


By the way, it's hard to understand your code because I don't see the entire code. I see only one function.

— Ok I send it all

— Https://

— Do you have a link of it?

— I don't know the class MPI_Status, so I can't find the exact point of bug.
But what I see:
id_cons is always 3. Why? Because you do this in line 133 (in brackets).
Now you should understand why estado.MPI_SOURCE is always 3.

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— I want to learn programing language. Which language is base for start career in programing language

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— After 12 th pass

— Plz plz help


— Bruh
Did you read the rules

— What i have to do?

— Exactly what the bot told you