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January 2020

β€” I mean if you have a choice to write new software only on C or Rust, I'd choose Rust


Rust has many mind blowing things like
Pattern matching
Ownership rules
Borrow checker
Edition (it's freaking amazing)
A better macro system
Incredible trait system

All of those things are not in C++20 except for concept which is similar to traits

β€” It looks like you joined a dispute that you cannot win

β€” The only argument I can go against Rust!!
That's embarrassingπŸ™Š

β€” Are these mind blowing features are so bad?

β€” For example borrow checker help you fix your mistakes, or I am wrong?

β€” Indeed

β€” Well
Those mistakes can be avoided in C/C++ after taking a Major time of good practice and disciplines

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β€” I think it’s not so a good practice to place responsibility of mistakes on developer:) because we all are humans and we made mistakes

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β€” That's true, but money is money

β€” And if you can hire a developer less prone to make errors, they'll do it

β€” Also guys what do you think about epoch in C++, personally for me it's very exiting feature?