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January 2020

— Oh...


Have a question.

I have a struct/class, doesn't matter.
And one is derived, so I need to inherit it from parent.
How can I do it with instance saving all fields values?

Like that:
struct A{}
struct B : A{
B(A &a){
this = a; // I know that it's impossible, so how can I do the same?

— I don't want to copy all the values

— Another one bites the dust...!
Mike Gionne
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— You need to

— (((

— You think there's no another way?

— Excluding storing parent instance inside child

— Hi all guys, I would like to put a holiwar topic. Rust is a language with a purpose to replace C/C++, and I have look on documentation of Rust and don’t saw any mind blowing features compared to C++ 20. So if someone know please tell the bottlenecks of Rust and main advantages of it.

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— Rust is a good language to replace C, not C++

— Any arguments?

— How?