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January 2020

— How can I get it ?


This is a difficult method for you But there is a very easy way You said you could read strings in an update file with hex editor All you have to do is change the name of a file in an update An example of this is you'll find a path pc/game/data/zax.dat Change zax.dat to zax1.dat, then save. Then go to game files to the same path you will find a file, change its name to zax1.dat  The game will work This will disable check

— Keep this in mind Perhaps in the coming days, game developers will use a more difficult method, which is They will make some game read files from an update file They will use compress, reduce the size and encode an update file You will not be able to do anything I advise you to return to the normal situation and not to violate their laws

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— Happy New year everyone

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