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December 2019

— Which error?


Actually I didn't execute it..I found dis on some website nd d ans is compile time error dats d reason y i asked it..

— Write in a readable way

— Well, try to compile it 🤷‍♂

— I thing you should not add commas between 8 and m=7 it should be semicolon

— Simultaneous declaration of variable is not allowed if I am right

— That part isn't wrong

— I don't even know if it's C or Cpp

— (Initial values of a=1,b=2,c=1)
c += (-c) ? a : b;
How d final value of c would be 2 in dis question..??

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— If the expression is true then the value of c will be a otherwise it will be b

— Now anything other than 0 is 1

— I mean 1 is considered to be true and 0 is false