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December 2019

— Almost all methods in drogon are non-blocking.


Yes, this is a good idea, but when DbClient is created at the beginning of the application and used throughout its lifecycle, the callback is not very necessary.

— Or an bool connected() DbClient member function .

— Oh, I get the last part.

— But the interface is quite strange compared to http etc.

— Thanks, I'll think about this.

— If I have time, I will help look into the lib more.

It's been a while I've seen a quite usable C++ net lib like this with great performance and fast compilation times.

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— Thank you very much!

— 👍

— Glad u came today, have time for more question ? Still on db ?

— I will try to be online in the future.

— I'd like to write a function that stores the frame of the calling function, then "returns" from both the current and the calling function, so that I can later enter the "calling" function at the same position and load the stored frame onto the stack. That way I could easily create generator functions that I'd mainly use for coroutines. Is assembly the only way to implement that? I was hoping for a more portable solution.

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