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December 2019

— But its not the best solution okay...


This is correct, but if you push / pop something you want to accomplish something, eg. calling a function

— And in 99% of the cases, no compiler will generate a crazy custom calling convention where this is necesarry

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— Yep thats right. But still sometimes asm has its uses especially with naked functions for drivers etc..

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— Tom missed ur messages, got purged.

— I want to know what's wrong with drogon when connecting to mysql.

— Docs are lacking compared to the other part of the lib, esp when making connection.

— Sorry, I'll add this part. And U could find something useful for making connections on

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— Please

— Hm?

— 👍

— Yea, I've read that. But no way to input password ?

I do sth like this in soci.

string s = fmt::format("db={} user={} password='{}'", cfg.db_name, cfg.db_user, cfg.db_pass);
session sql(soci::mysql, s);

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