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December 2019

— Greatings traveller


Don't be so sure :)
I've had a class on Operating Systems which covered basics of Linux, Windows
I know a master's program that covers how Linux works, Linux kernel, etc as one of classes

— Where did Newbie came from?

— Linux work?

— My admin tag? i asked roxi for it

— Linux kernel?

— These are the things I learned when I was 12

— It's not the place to show off

— But Newbie that doesn't fit well tho

— The answer is accept the truth

— To be a respectable person you need to know when to be arrogant and when to be humble, you aren't going anywhere being arrogant here

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— The truth is I am straight forward
I say things straight forward I know it hurts but it saves my time and by time they realize one day what I said

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