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December 2019

— Yep 🤷‍♂️


Akram use this instead of your macro:

template<typename $num_t,
typename = std::enable_if<std::is_integral<$num_t>::value ||
[[nodiscard]] constexpr auto __declspec(noalias)
const $num_t a,
const $num_t b
) noexcept -> $num_t {
return a * b;

— If ur not using MSVC remove declspec(noalias)

— Akram have a look at this

— Lately there have been so many newbies interested in learning about C

— Can someone suggest a good book for learning assembly x86 programming or point me towards a good source.

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— 🙏

— ?

— Hello

— Hello

— Hi

— Hello guys how are you anyone can help me a code for birthday wish in c program