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December 2019

— Me neither for things like that he should use constexpr functions.


He even don't understand what he is doing and what he want to get. Idk why ppl learning programming in that way.

— Yep 🤷‍♂️

— Akram use this instead of your macro:

template<typename $num_t,
typename = std::enable_if<std::is_integral<$num_t>::value ||
[[nodiscard]] constexpr auto __declspec(noalias)
const $num_t a,
const $num_t b
) noexcept -> $num_t {
return a * b;

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— If ur not using MSVC remove declspec(noalias)

— Akram have a look at this

— Lately there have been so many newbies interested in learning about C

— Can someone suggest a good book for learning assembly x86 programming or point me towards a good source.

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— 🙏

— ?

— Hello

— Hello