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December 2019

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Void recursionBubble(int* arr, int size, int i, int j, int n){

printf("i = %d n = %d\n", i, n);
if(i >= size / sizeof(int)){


if(n >= size / sizeof(int))recursionBubble(arr, size, i + 1, 0, 1);
if(arr[n] < arr[j]){

swap(&arr[n], &arr[j]);
recursionBubble(arr, size, i, j + 1, n + 1);

recursionBubble(arr, size, i, j + 1, n + 1);

— Why do i get seg fault

— (why i am getting to infinite recursion)

— Your debugger is broken ?

— Https://

— Why are you dividing by sizeof(int)? It doesn't make sense to me

— Because i gave to the function
and not
sizeof(arr) / sizeof(int)

— But if it is a pointer, it returns the size of the pointer (probably 8), and if it's an array, it should return the amount of ints

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— So either way, the code is not doing what you think

— I just started C language, is there any place for me to fully learn