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December 2019

— But what about last else part in isPallindrome()


If none of the above condition is getting satisfied then it is calling itself again by incrementing the start index by 1 and decrementing the last index by 1

— Inside if u have to return a int value not a function

— It defines no meaning to this

— But firstly we need to check wether the string we passed is already pallindrome or not... That's why I am using isPallindrome()

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— Is it is compulsory to do usingrecursion

— No, it isn't.... But I thought of implementing it using recursive method

— I think I'll have to use the other approach to it

— Why r u tangling urself in this difficult approach

— Idea ticked into the mind..... So thought of implementing it....

— Ok

— Anyway thank you for discussing... 😊