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December 2019

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Hey guys, if anyone.. Please help me out with this.... My task is to find the minimum number of characters at the beginning of a string, so that it becomes pallindrome... I am going with the recursive method.
When I am calling the isPallindrome() function inside the min_insert(), it says isPallindrome is not declared in the scope...
How do I resolve it????

using namespace std;
bool ispallindrome(string str,int start,int len)
return true;
else if(str[start]!=str[len])
return false;
return ispallindrome(str,start+1,len-1);
//start—>starting index of string, len—>length of the string, count—>counter to count the number of characters inserted
int min_insert(string str,int start,int len,int count)
return count;
return min_insert(str,start+1,len-1,count);
int main()
string str;
cout<<"Enter the string : ";
cout<<min_insert(str,0,str.length(),0); //min_insert(string, starting_index, length_of_the_string, counter)
return 0;

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