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December 2019

— No man read the article


For data structure and algorithms, I have been using this book... pretty well explained.. Take a look
Data Structures and Algorithms - Narasimha Karumanchi

— Man I did already

— Hey guys I already know C language and now I want to extend my knowledge to C++ so which book is best to start learning C++ best in the sense which gives reference and comparision with C and not covering same topic in depth again like pointers, arrays etc..

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— Kuldip You should go for the book I mentioned

— Why?

— It's about Algo? Right but I wanna learn C++ 🙄

— You learn by implementing things.... The more you implement, the more you learn

— And try to cover STL (Geeksforgeeks)... it would make you more fluent

— Hello

— Hi.

— Stat c++