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December 2019

— Well yes... but I’d be more happy to use something that’s readily available...


Including some external libraries is not as easy in Java (with maven etc) ... really a pain in ass...

— Yeah check this then

— Hmm will give it a check thanks!

— And I’m curious ...

— I understand that in c++ we have functional stuff (lambda functions)

— But seems like they’re not as flexible to use as in scale (in which we can call a chain of lambda functions in a line)

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— Or there’s some libraries I can look into?

— Like in scala we can do map then flatten then filter etc in one line.

— In c++ it seems unable :(

— Which doesn’t make it as a strong motivation for me to change in habit of writing my code from being imperative to being functional

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— Another one bites the dust...!
what the fuck. Get out from here.