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October 2018

— They are benchmarks on your hardware


#Ask. I make a number input form. Validation using javascript. If succees, showing modal popup. And want to make the input form again as much as the data in modal. For example, Input 2 and continue to click add. Well, in the modal, there will be 2 more inputs. How is that? 🙏🏻🙏🏻

— But they aren't meaningful, as an engineer/architect

— I wont take them seriously

— But it's an approximation

— Its not so important, just another tech, to pass in and always create object.

— The real reason to disrespect chrome is that its not portable and dont run file:// protocol

— All this forces user to create account

— Sure they are

— What if I want to host your FaaS on a similar laptop

— The benchmarks will be meaningful to me

— Wat