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December 2019

— Well, we can argue Javascript is quite cumbersome, but it's used a lot. Python is really useful, specially for machine learning a neural networks

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It’s used because it’s easier and it really explodes my butt knowing that there are tons of newbies who claim to be a senior in js/python but without basic cs knowledge or how pointers work

— Exactly! i wanted to learn python for ai but i think there are a lot of mess is associated with it

— Also, i think python is a must for ai...

— Contradictory(

— Why we write l in offset value of fseek

— Prolog

— In fact, Python is really focusing on ai and ml stuff, but most of people that use that are mathematicians and staticists, so a lower barrier for newbies really encourages those people to use that stuff

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— That’s not so in dev-way

— Just a hipster language

— Call it whatever you feel like, but I think Python is doing really in what it wants to achieve

— Hey any c# Developer ?