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December 2019

— I have a question. I’m making small console app in C++/Xcode 11 for my programming class, I got main algorithm right, but stuck with one problem. So, basically when my teacher inputs string that has “\n”s in it my app says multiple times that input is incorrect. But I need only one output about incorrect input. Maybe I need to convert those multiple strings into one long string? But how? Thanks in advance.

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(Example of input that triggers multiple warnings - just piece of the program code copied and pasted)

— Cin.ignore maybe

— Hello can you give me book for Matters and answers to cpp..???

— What book is that

— Any study material if available for java

— I write a dynamic library which use a lots of libraries to provide various features
like classes to easily build cli app and gui app

for gui app it depends on gtkmm

i build only a cli app with this

now the cli app is also linking with gtkmm and other extra libraries which are unnecessary

can i stop this or remove extra linkings

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— Anything

— Ok

— Thanks

— You're welcome, come again

— Lol