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December 2019

— I am not so strong in C ++, but in one of the articles I saw how a guy used constexpr for "if/else" conditions of different types without using tuple, I don’t remember what it was called.

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Can anyone suggest me any YouTube channel who teach C from scratch I am beginner so pls channel which teach from scratch

— No

— Fuck this shit I am out

— Ada yang tau cara terbaik untuk menggunakan Mysql di Xampp dan Mysql Workbench agar tidak bentrok dengan alamat port yang sama, saya sudah mencoba mencari macam2 tutorial yang ada di internet tapi masih blm menghasilkan solusi. Help Me...

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— That's 2/2 warnings; Nugrah Reza is banned!
1: non English, screenshot, c#
2: Read the rules

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— Lol

— People won’t learn

— How to hack Whatapp of my bro

— Prepare for ban

— What ban

— 😂😂