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December 2019

— Go check some google stuff, it's full of C/C++ source codes


Subset of C++

So recently I was going through Rust docs in an attempt to learn the language and what struck me was how the language is designed in a way to enforce best practices by default which led me to wonder is it possible to have a subset of modern C++. Prior to rust I have been learning C++(infact the language is so vast and ever growing that I am still finding several new things about it), however what I find most interesting is how several tutorials or conferences try to educate people about modern C++ or best practices in C++ and how the language has evolved since C++1z and why we should be using the modern features. C++ in an attempt to support legacy code and C features has ended up becoming a massive language with ton of features and maybe at times fairly confusing for new people.

With such a massive focus on modern C++ and teaching people about all the RAII techniques, smart pointers, containers, STL, algorithms and so much more, is it possible to just have a subset of C++, which enforces these best practices by default and let people study only the new/modern aspects of C++ leaving behind the legacy versions?

— The answer is: By using Epochs

— I believe it's the key to keep modernizing C++ in a steady and convenient way for the next 100 years

— Hello guys

— I got a question

— I installed visual studio in my windows 8.1 PC , and I couldn't run the code, message appered, it said, couldn't open a file or directory.

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— I think also char can be replaced with std::byte

— Best way to modernize C++ is to stop writing new software in it.

— What do you mean?

— I am not so strong in C ++, but in one of the articles I saw how a guy used constexpr for "if/else" conditions of different types without using tuple, I don’t remember what it was called.

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— Can anyone suggest me any YouTube channel who teach C from scratch I am beginner so pls channel which teach from scratch

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