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December 2019

— I have some code for that Ill send it when Im home


[[nodiscard]] inline NO_ALIAS auto is_zero(const f32 v) noexcept->bool { return abs(v) < 1e-6f; }
[[nodiscard]] inline NO_ALIAS auto is_one(const f32 v) noexcept->bool { return is_zero(v - 1.f); }
[[nodiscard]] inline NO_ALIAS auto near_equal(const f32 a, const f32 b) noexcept->bool {
if (is_zero(a - b)) return true;
const s32 a2 = *reinterpret_cast<const s32*>(&a);
const s32 b2 = *reinterpret_cast<const s32*>(&a);
if (a2 < 0 != b2 < 0) return false;
return abs(a2 - b2) <= 0b0100;
[[nodiscard]] constexpr NO_ALIAS auto within_epsilon(const f32 a, const f32 b, const f32 epsilon) noexcept->bool {
const f32 num = a - b;
return -epsilon <= num && num <= epsilon;

— Here just replace f32 with float and s32 with int, NO_ALIAS with __declspec(noalias) (only if you are on windows, otherwise remove it).

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— What abt this 🤯

— This is code for correctly comparing floating point numbers using epsilons :)

— Thanks, will have a look at this

— Your welcome, just write if you need more help :)

— Remember it is C++17 if you need it for C or an older std just write too

— I need it exactly for C++17 :)

— Alright :)

— Hi everybody

— Hello