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December 2019

— Https://


Hello guys
This is a very good hackathon platform to increase and test your coding skills.
Also you can win many interesting prizes with online courses.
Only 2 weekends test are left. So register and participate in it.
Also share it with your friends this opportunity.
Only 2 days to left for weekend so hurry up pls !!

— /report probably a scam, with campaign tracking link

— Reported Hii to admins.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

— Https:// can use for financial machine learning proyect from VS with zorro trader?

— "Financial Machine learning"?
Aka "Would've been better off with a cat choosing at random"? :P

— I don t understand!!!

— Https://

— Nuget can be util for VS programmers for this???

— 😁😁😁

— Learn how to report

— 😂