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December 2019

— If you explain people to use a 3rd party library for everything,
you will have people who will use a 3rd party library / external function for finding the lowest value in an array instead of writing the 3 lines needed for that

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And this is terribly wrong, because they wont understand how those functions they use on a daily basis work

— This is how programming is represented today

— And I hate these people

— With their js/pythons whatever

— But teaching assembly for them is hard so one should go to work to a fabric lel

— It's horrible, because if everyone does stuff like this, even when they have a lot of experience, they just wouldnt be able to implement simple algorythms to just like "find a substring in a string" or something like that

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— Disable the -g flag and have a -strip permanent

— And watch them debug

— Anybody has proper resources to learn c++ ?.. plz send in this group ...


— Banned from google or what ?