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December 2019

— You dont seem to Unterstand that some people start learning languages Like c++ and dont even Unterstand what an if Statement does
From the perspective of someone that can Programm in the language or in General knows programming logic everything seems way easier

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C and C++ are different languages.
I am agree that C first then C++ is not good idea.
Also C++ first then C# is not good idea too.

— C# isn't even related to C/Cpp at all 😆

— They are useful when you know something already

— Its "C-like"

— It depends

— JavaScript is also C-like, so what?

— But they teach it in this sequense

— People who dont like computers will find them hard put thats like for everything


— But they teach it in this sequense

— These people will stick anyway with python or js at the end.