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October 2018

— They got derailed for money


It’s because WHATWG is browser developers who want market share, not IETF fellows who want good design

— So they are all basically hipsters

— When I was asked this question I mean, at first I thought "okay '5' might coerce to number 5, and it could be 5 milliseconds from unix epoch" which is definitely not in April 2001

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— They could have easily created WHATWG as an addendum to add all their new features / pointless BS, but wanted control over it all

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— Oh please no

— Don't want "Works best on IE6" bs all over again

— That was only ever a problem because a certain WHATWG member (MS) thought they were too cool for the W3C spec in the first place

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— They took control away from the standards org so they could turn the development of the standard into a profit driven enterprise

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— Which is exactly the same thing Google is doing with Chrome these days

— Exactly

— And then, surprise surprise, undocumented chrome feature suddenly appears in WHATWG spec with not a word spoken about it

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