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December 2019

— People learn Differently Not everyone is the Same
Some learn easier by actually seeing results and Not Just some console Output
Also yeah for a total beginner vector is easier to use they no need to specify the size before hand and the Compilers are pretty good at optimizing it

You actually need interest in programming with the language and showing total beginners that they can achieve Something is Motivating

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So there is no point of idea that C++ hides some C's complexity(btw C++ add their own complexity), bc if evaluate your logic then any newbie just should stick with JS or python, bc it hides all the complexity at all.

— Who are your "students"

— Everything is HARD

— And then you need to reallocate stuff etc
Working with C strings is also so fucking easy, yeah

— Js and python are for retards

— Inb4 warns him

— No its just that you shouldnt teach people about that container stuff at first at all

— University students that didn't have any programming experience before

— ?

— I would teach them assembly language first

— I will go there the next year UwU