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December 2019

— Literally the first point in every tutorial should be "do not use "using namespace std;""


It hides the complexity, yes
But it makes them more stupid and it's harder to switch to the static type system then

— Good teachers teach you how to program, not how to use shortcuts and such

— Idk, I started my journey from javascript, now i'm learning C and asm, and I'm fine with it

— I teach how vector works after then they learned how to use it
And I think it's the right way

— I'm talking about the average person

— And all you're saying is exactly the same. if you dont teach people how basic stuff like an array works, they wont understand it, because they (( sort of )) understand how a vector works.

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— I just wanna say that, if this average person want something easier to write, they will never choose C or C++ anyways.

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— Don't you understand that you think that basic because you learned it first?

— No i dont, because its simpler than a vector in EVERY aspect possible

— It's not
That's it :)

— Yes it is