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December 2019

— Also how the fuck is a vector "easier to use" than an array?
an array is literally just "put multiple variables behind eachother and have an index to access them"

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It onv depends on what you want to achieve. If you only want to learn Cpp, just use it. In that case I suppose you are already familiar with programming and learning C will not be very useful

— Dude, It doesn't work that way
At first, you don't need to know how it works before using
At first we teach how to use
Then we teach how it works
And it's MUCH simpler for beginners to understand

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— If you think so....

— Because you don't need to reallocate memory when you need more space, lol

— The usage of an array is really simpler than the vector one 😂

— How is "hey i have multiple variables behind eachtother" harder to understand than "yea this is a vector, you can initialise it with default values, or add something at the end"

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— This is not what arrays are made for

— It defeats the purpose of having low level lang

— Just program in scratch

— I know so
I have some experience if teaching
And I tried the both ways

— If C is so hard to newbies, why then not teach them python instead of C++ ??