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December 2019

— Excuse me what the fuck


Yes! lets teach beginners some sort of 3rd party library, without them understanding the basics of the language... seriously what the hell is this talk?

— Whew

— This should only be taught to beginners that have had programming experience

— For example?

— No, this shouldnt be taught to people who make contact with a new language at all

— She also tells beginners to use vectors instead of arrays, at this point, this just teaches people how to write terrible code..

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— These have nothing in common with eachother other than "it contains multiple things"

— I'm talking about not OS development or something

— Python

— I don't think you have an experience of teaching, ff_0x1d3

— Okay, so tell me one reason you would actually tell a beginner about a vector before telling them what an array is?

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