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December 2019

— Well, C is easier to master


Dunno which one is easier to learn. I would suggest you to learn C first. And really learn how memory allocation & pointers work. Then move to C++ so you understand what C++ does for you

— Ok because my main goal is to create simple ios and android apps and maybe write a few simple games that works on web as well

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— C is the best .

— Then I suggest you to have a look at node or something. Then C is not the best lang to use obviously

— I want to learn Godot, they added C++ to it recently, but if i can make games with it in C maybe is easier for me to learn C

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— Hahaha

— And this guy says C++ is better

— Https://

— Well definitely don't listen to one guy

— Do you know Linus Torvalds? He says that C++ is horrible

— It's a matter of opinion