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December 2019

— ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


User Mike has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
non English, I guess something shady with assignments or sth

— Simple by means of its rules, not the codebase

— Who knows how to get program ,which will install chrome extensions from exe.
Like that: run exe, chrome open ( ask confirmation from user to install extension)

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— Admin Klimi has removed Atharva's warning.

— I dont understand what I have done

— I don't think this is a thing

— Read the rules. No unsolicited pms

— If you people have faced some problems due to me...
I am extremely sorry 😔😓😩 for that

— Ok, i forgive you

— Thanks😀😀😀😀😀😀

— Just read the rules again and... dont do bad things