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December 2019

— Maybe it will make a certain overrepresented demographic go away


Wonder who you mean
I mean.. who can be scared away by low-quality memes?
but quotes from the standard could frighten away someone :D

— User free soul has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
pming members / dont reading rules (?)

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— That's 2/2 warnings; free soul is banned!
1: pming members / dont reading rules (?)
2: attitude

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— Oh wow

— Hey everyone

— Hello

— Why are the rules super strict 😂

— Coding has got to be fun

— To keep the quality of discussion high, presumably

— I don't think people who are here to talk about C++ want to hear about how adorable someone's cat is

— Fair enough... ✌
indeed... true