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December 2019

— Linux system programming in c


Use open to get file descriptor then read(fd,int,sizeof(int)), be aware of big endian or small endian if you read file from different platform

— Yeah i got it but how how to separate the data stored in int(buffer)

— Then use a iteration with a counter

— Hey can anyone tell me from which resources can I master stl in cpp

— Https:// and
Effective STL - Scott Meyers

— Thanks olli

— Hey guys, Ive got a problem. I have created a win32 window (with the exact same code from a previous working edition) and now the window messages are no longer working correctly. I have a working win32 message pump which is correctly processing the message queue and it is process correctly(when i press alt+f4 the window closes) but the window seems still unresponsive because I have a permament busy cursor and the window´s menu bar buttons are not working. Does anybody have an Idea what this could be?

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— The weird thing is that the code worked like a charm in the previous version but not in the current

— Previous version of what?

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned Unknown.

— Oh, that sweet taste of dust in the morning