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December 2019

β€” Search in the extensions for the most popular cxx support plugin


I got an error after configuring GCC/G++ following

==Error Message==

g++: error: helloworld.cpp: No such file or directory

g++: fatal error: no input files

compilation terminated.

The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1

β€” Read it again

β€” I did
But not working😫

β€” Hello world.CPP not a file

β€” It does notbexist

β€” Its seem the file is not available to compiling

β€” Got
But it can't debugging
It shows "launch: program 'e:\project\helloworld.exe doesn't not exist" button "open launch.json"

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β€” Omg

β€” How slove?

β€” Read the first message

β€” Where?