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December 2019

— Mac users says same about xcode


I was working with visual studio, and I hate that experience. It was time, when ide refuse to open the file, becouse it's is already open, but it's close

— It's time when I need to save my code every 5 seconds, becouse I don't know when ide will crash

— It's time when my compiler suddenly forgot where is all my libraries

— Really sorry to hear that. I was lucky enough to not experience crashes more that once a week, so I have a very positive experience, comparing to vs code and xcode(its sucks that macs does not have c++ support in mac VS)

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— You shouldn't blame your doing/lack of knowledge over to a peice of software

— Also #ot

— #ot

— Https://

— Is you want say I don't know yet database???

— I want to ask what the (probably assignment) is about. Do you have to write your own basic database or are you asking how to setup a way with a pre-existing database to store the data?

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— What does mean ( %.2f )?