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December 2019

— A function call does not invoke the comma operator though


A function call is a postfix expression followed by parentheses containing a possibly empty, comma-separated list [...] []

— Of course, in a function call it is just a separator

— Look at line 14, there's no function call

— Oh damnit just saw it - nvm :D
totally missed it on my phone - sry

— I guess that's why sharing pictures of code is a bad idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— x++ is executed (x is 11), then ++x is executed and assigned to y, so x and y are 12

— How the variable y got the value 12

— (There are 2 values inside the bracket)

— How only one value is returned

— By assigning ++x to it after evaluating x++

— Java is support here???