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December 2019

— Hi everyone!
Have anyone used gRPC with serialization library other that protobuf? I would like to talk about some details, so please text me :)
I saw example for Java (gRPC+Gson), but it is super language-specific

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According to the C standard before C99, you need to declare i at the beginning. With C99 and C++, your original code can be compiled.

— Purge complete.

— Declare the i first because this declaration works in the new compilers

— In C language i cannot be declared in the for loop

— User Ganeshan has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
Hey man! Nice random link

— ?

— Fichier.cpp but cant open

— Don't share files but pastebin links

— C99 or c11 allow to do so

— Welcome Qwabhina!
Please read the pinned message 🙂


— Yes