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December 2019

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Can someone help me on how to write a cpp function that combines addition,subtraction and multiplication

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— [C++20] Library: mutable constexpr expression for clang 9.0 and gcc 9.1

Hi there!

I've just published a weird c++ library targeting clang 9.0 and gcc 9.1.

It implements value/type changing constexpr expressions using new c++20 features.

Here's an example:

auto c = unconstexpr::meta_value{};
static_assert(++c == 1);
static_assert(++c == 2);
c << []{ return "hello"sv; };
static_assert(*c == "hello"sv);
static_assert(std::is_same_v<decltype(*c), std::string_view>);

If you're a godbolt fanatic like me you can test the above [here](
or use the project in godbolt directly by including:

#include <>

If you like meta-programming, template, weird off-putting hacks, headaches it is just for you.
You can find it here [Github link](

Thanks for your attention!

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— Hello?

— Words with Length N

The program must accept a  space separated string S and an integer N as
the input. The program must print the words from S which are of length N
as the output. If no word is of length N then the program must print -1 as the output.

Boundary Condition(s):

1 <= Length of S <= 1000

Example Input/Output 1:


Have a good day



Have good

Example Input/Output 2:


help the need




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