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December 2019

— Hence, I don't think "It's not good" was related to sharing the project but rather to the quality of the code

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I didnt look at the code, but sometimes seeing an example of something you are trying to use is extremely beneficial

— Just thought it was funny that an example given for file I/O was thwarted away cause its bad

— But especially when it comes to IO it's crucial to know what you're doing

— Otherwise things like heartbleed occur

— Open file, capture stream or FD, use file, close file

— He gave an example of how he was using those operations on a larger scale

— It's a good example because his code contains a lot of bad practices

— 1. The whole code placed in the ONE file

— I didnt say it wasnt good practice. I said it's an example of using files

— 2. He uses std::cout and std::cin directly

— 3. The logic and the input tied to each other