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December 2019

— How else you can name a non-standard, outdated 20 years ago c++ compiler for operating system that you can't install on your computer ?

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I made a similar proposal on another network, but why not just making a separate (like the off-topic one) channel dedicated to turbocpp to even avoid the idea of conflict with people that don't look to understand the issue of it and just tell them to go to that channel?

— We did already

— Too bad it's named after India

— While the problem exist else where also

— Yeah, I was meaning as a complete passive aggressive solution and hence making it look really serious

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— The i and j in function intersect is un initialized. So they should contain probably garbage value.
The code line int i,j,k =0; only initialize k=0; May you should give value to i and j.

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— How to read 2 line of input string as a single string


— Conjugate 2 inputs or make your own input function

— Is there any predefined things were available for that

— No