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October 2018

— I just remember that learnajs / rush thingy


He's the guy who went around harrassing tons of open source software into using SJW-friendly words instead of "master"/"slave" and forcing maintainers to use licenses forbidding a list of organisations

— Oh jesus

— He even openly said "yes you are being offensive to the entire community" when asked if technical terms actually offended him

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— Okay

— Source slightly discredited

— Story still seems accurate tho

— He doesn't back it with any code examples, I won't trust jamiebuilds

— Rush seems to be better than Lerna even

— Are there differences?

— Rush doesn't recursively make a copy of all dependencies for each submodule, they have one local store and symlink down to avoid accidentally requiring sibling dependencies

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— Lerna was mostly created in a hacky way at first, mostly because it was the first attempt at this concept of monorepo management

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