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December 2019

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Hey! Can anybody help me a bit with GLFW? I want to add a Renderbuffer to my framebuffer to save some information about screen contents other than color. As the framebuffer is created by GLFW I need to get it somehow and I don't seem to find how to do it.
By the way, is it legitimate to change the default framebuffer?

β€” You can use default framebuffer for a forward rendering and the other ones for post-processing

β€” I don't really think that i need any intermediate framebuffers. I just want to store an integer for every screen pixel and set it with the pixel color

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β€” ollirz unterumarmung Neko_cpp

β€” We can't, because he is not our contact

β€” programminginc
Just send him this link
If he can't joined, that means he us banned

β€” But I mean he is going to join first time πŸ€·β€β™‚

β€” Then just join

β€” Hii

β€” I had an doubt , why the pendrives and other memory devices didn’t give it’a full capacity. Like in 2 GB pendrive only 1.8GB is usable .

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β€” Becuase internal drive data and formatting take up space?