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December 2019

— VS Code is just an editor, CMake can be used with it obviously


You don't need to CMake in combination with Visual Studio, but you can.
I would recommend VS for beginners it features a modern compiler, powerful and easy to use debugger and managing your project is as easy as "right click => Add File"

— Agree. And you can just press F7/F12 to build whole solution. It is very easy to use.

— Yeah got it. Seems I made a confusion vs and vs code. VS has indeed more advanced features.

My field is web dev and atom, I just touch c++ from time to time so it's easy for me to make a mistake in these IDEs stuffs.

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— Purge complete.

— Hey guys..fresher here

— What about KDevelop?
Have anybody use it?

— Is that part of kde?

— IDE from KDAB

— Is there something like a flavoured text editor for android?

— Something along the lines of vs code (doesn't need to compile or run stuff, just and editor with proper indentation support and colors for C keywords)

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— Can anyone solve this please? 😥 Tomorrow I have my semester exam