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December 2019

— I know ed, sed and fred, but no jed


It's my preferred editor. Basic graphics like Nano, but instead of being patronizing and monochrome it's got basic color-coding and a menu-based interface. it also has support for S-Lang, a basic scripting language, and support for embedded shells, multiplexing, and can even have different presets enabled to allow use of EMACS, VIM, or other editor's macros and such

— *wheeze*

— Basically, a midpoint between Nano and EMACS

— Sounds weird

— I'd probably go with either Emacs or nano then

— Oh I see, it's almost like nano (appearance wise), but keybindings are similar to those of Emacs

— *nod*

— With color support, as well.

— Yeah I saw

— And you can compile from within the editor too

— Ohh