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December 2019

— It was not you as nassr_s 😆


🤦🏽‍♂ you don't get me.
Yes you should learn about makefiles but it's not compulsory at the beginning.

— And I told you that a lot of stuffs are shitty on the internet 😊

— Ok

— And I'm saying that learning how to use gcc is good enough for a beginner

— And gcc is different from cmake and makefiles

— No need to have a magic button that do all the stuff for you. I saw too many people that weren't aware of the compiling part for this 😆

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— It's the part before writing a simple makefile

— But you can just learn the basics of gcc for a beginner and it's much easier than learning the whole cmake stuff.

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— What do you use ?

— Hello

— Right now I'm trying Spacemacs. Before it I used vim, neovim, GNOME Builder, vscode, sublime text and other editors/IDEs

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