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December 2019

— No, thank you :)


The fact a lot of books are bad doesn't mean you should not get how to use a tool as cmake. Moreover a beginner doesn't even need make&co

— A lot of tutorials about cmake are shitty, believe me.

— A lot of tutorials are bad, i know

— You're sure a beginner doesn't need to build many files ?

— Yep. You usually need your main file and nothing else

— I read a beginner's book a very long time ago and it talks about building many files.

— Maybe you would need to build your header file and your source file

— And even more.

— If you're compiling more than 2 or 3 files, probably you should learn how to write a simple makefile

— And for a beginner who is reading a book which doesn't talk about makefiles it will be difficult. That's why I say Qt Creator is good for a beginner.

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— You get me now ?