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December 2019

— Vi


Even for Windows I would recommend Qt Creator for a beginner. A lot C++ books for beginners don't teach cmake so recommending Visual studio or visual studio code for beginners is not a good idea.

— What's the connection between cmake and Qt creator?

— In Qt Creator and codeblock almost everything is done. You just need to write, press build and run. So this is good for a beginner.

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— I would say GNOME Builder, but there are a lot of good tools as emacs, vim, Qt creator and others

— I'd not use it for this exact reason

— You're a beginner, you should learn how to properly get your project running. And CMake is really easy to use

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— No connection. What I mean is that for Qt Creator no need for cmake and this is good for a beginner who is probably reading a book which doesn't explain how to use cmake. As a lot of books for beginners don't explain cmake.

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— You're a beginner ? I don't think. So go with VS

— No, thank you :)

— The fact a lot of books are bad doesn't mean you should not get how to use a tool as cmake. Moreover a beginner doesn't even need make&co

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— A lot of tutorials about cmake are shitty, believe me.